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Canada | 1066 Game


If you want to see the most wonderful places in the world, Canada should be included in your list of places to see. There are so many beautiful Canada destinations you must visit and explore. Canada is filled with scenic landscapes, picturesque mountains, rugged coastlines, and charming towns.

Canada is not only known for its popular tourist locations but it is also recognized for its food, culture, and heritage. Beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder but once you visit this country, you will surely fall in love with it. The Canadian people are very nice and hospitable. You will definitely enjoy your trip in the different beautiful Canada cities.

Best Cities to Visit


Toronto is the biggest city in Canada and is also known as the most popular to many. It is one of the most diverse cities in Canada and is a top destination for immigrants. Similar to other famous cities in other countries, Toronto also has its own skyscraper. It is also home to the world’s highest freestanding tower standing tall at 553 meters.


This is the second largest city in Canada where French is the official language. It has a French and Canadian influence in the local cuisine which is a popular choice for many tourists and locals. The Montreal Bagels are a specialty in this town.

Montreal is a cultural hub and is famous for hosting a number of festivals throughout the year. From musical, comedy, circus, to all kinds of festivals, Montreal is surely a fun and busy city.


Vancouver has been named numerous times as the best city to live in the world. This cosmopolitan city has a diverse ethnic traditions and rich culture. This city is famous for its fish and chips.

This city is a food lover’s destination. Due to its cultural variety, many restaurants are also experimenting with different tastes and ingredients. Vancouver is popular for its seafood menu.


Whistler is a popular ski resort and became the host of the 2010 Winter Olympics. It is located in a picturesque mountain scenery. Whistler is a great place for both skiers and non-skiers. Many tourists visit this city during winterseason.


This city is the largest province in Canada. It is set in a beautiful Canada countryside setting with its French-inspired culture and architectural design. The Old Quebec city is a charming town with stone walls, cobblestone streets, and French-speaking people. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which draws in a huge number of visitors yearly.


This is Canada’s capital city which is small compared to other cities such as Toronto and Montreal. It is a lovely, quiet, and peaceful city. Ottawa is a cyclist’s heaven where bikers can easily access many parts of the city without getting knocked down by pedestrians and cars.

It is home to many lush parks and wonderful museums. It is a great place for families to settle down.

Nova Scotia

This is the second smallest province in Canada and is known for its beautiful rock formations. Nova Scotia has a rich cultural heritage and lovely scenic environment. It has a backdrop of rolling hills, sea cliffs, and green landscapes that attract many tourists all over the world.

November 14, 2016

City Hopping in Canada

If you want to see the most wonderful places in the world, Canada should be included in your list of places to see. There are so many beautiful Canada […]
September 25, 2016

Tips to Help You Locate the Best Commercial Roofers for Your Project

Roofs are a great investment for homeowners and commercial building owners. After all, no person would be comfortable living in a house with no or damaged roofs. The quality of the roofs, as well as the installation, has a lot to do with how comfortable you will be with your roofs, which makes the search for the best commercial roofers a need. So how do you obtain the best commercial roofer to handle your roofing? The following tips will guide you in the quest for the best commercial roofer Lethbridge Ab. Get Recommendations The place to begin when searching for commercial roofers Lethbridge Ab is by getting as many suggestions as you can from people you trust. You do not want to keep searching only to locate roofers who are not genuine. For you to obtain some good roofers fast and with much ease, consider talking to friends, relatives or companies that have had their roofing handled by commercial roofers in this region. Other than that, get to ask them for both the positive and adverse experience garnered by having these roofers. This is crucial as the experience these people got is likely the same you will get.   Talk to the commercial roofers Now that you have a list of commercial roofers, you need to narrow it down to obtain the best. After all, you cannot use several contractors at a time. Find out the contacts of all the roofers and call them. You will need to ask the contractors about their experience, whether they can handle your commercial roofing, and much more. The way the roofer communicates back matters a lot as this will have a lot to do with the communication during the process. Only go with those who seem interested in your project.   Avoid working with a roofer with no accreditations Having communicated to the commercial roofers, you need to meet them in person to find out if they are certified to perform your roofing. You should stay away from contractors without valid licenses, insurance, and warranty. All this help prove that a worker is credible to assist you with your task and you don't want to consider working with one who is not competent. Roofers with up to date licenses help to prove that the contractor is authorized by the state to perform the roofing owing to have met all requirements. Insurance, on the other hand, covers the workmanship handling your roofs should there be an accident, while a warranty protects you from incurring expenses in the future due to poor services and low-quality material.   Get an estimate Only work with a contractor who offers an on-site estimate before telling you the cost of the project. Good contractors do not tell you the cost of the project without having performed an onsite inspection. After all, what basis will a contractor base the price without having an idea of the job to be done? Therefore, avoid commercial roofers who do not come to your place to inspect the roofs and give an estimate.   Get everything in writing You need to make sure your commercial roofer puts all details related to the project in a paper. Such a measure will help you remain safe should a misunderstanding come up during the project. Make sure that the roofer lists down the cost of the project, the contractors to work on the project, project duration, terms of payment, warranty and details related to the material. Make sure that you read the contract in detail to avoid signing up a contract that you are not in agreement with. Also, get a copy of the contract for your safe keeping.   Working with professional and credited roofers is the key to a successful roofing job. Therefore, do not fail to put each of the tips discussed above to use and be sure to get the best commercial roofer for your project.